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Hello and welcome back.                                                                                                          September 2016                             
We hope you have all had a lovely summer break and are ready for the Autumn Term. I’d like to say a warm welcome to all our new starters; Oliver, Aiden ,Jessica , Myles, Kadence , Darcy, Amber, Lexi, James and Lillia we hope you have a fun and enjoyable learning experience with us here at Leaps & Bounds.
This term is going to be very busy and we have lots of new and exciting activities. We are going to be learning all about ourselves and getting to know each other, we will be looking and learning about the season Autumn.
We will be encouraging children to become independent, for example: coming into preschool independently and hanging their coats up, putting their lunch boxes away, putting on their own shoes, going to the toilet, washing their hands before eating and after going to the toilet.  It is very important that children attend all there sessions regularly; this will help them prepare for school.
Library- We have a box in the foyer with some books in, this is our mini library please feel free to let your child choose a book, write it in the little blue book and return when you have finished. Reading with your child is very important as it helps broaden their imagination, increases literacy skills and is a nurturing activity that helps bring relationships together.
Fees-   Unfortunately we are encountering a situation where by a number of fees are outstanding and as we are a non profit making organisation we are unable to cover staff wages, rent and resources  for the children  when  fees are not paid on time. We are therefore no longer able to offer places to those whom do not pay their fees. In future fees will be due a half term in advance and if not paid by the due date your child will not be able to attend any sessions other than those funded by the LCC.
Food Allergens -We will be keeping the food allergens poster on the back of the door, please inform us if your child develops any allergens.  If you need help and advice please feel free to ask. 
As our weather is very up and down can I please ask your child comes to preschool equipped with rain coat, wellies  and a spare set of clothes. Please can we ask they come with their name in  and in a named bag, Thank you.
We do have a lost property box so feel free to have a look for anything you may have  missing, some times clothes accidently go home with others if so please return them to the lost property box.
UNIFORM-We have a variety of jumpers, t-shirts and fleece’s. Turquoise, pink or purple .If anyone is interested in ordering please let me know and we will get them ordered for you as soon as possible. They will have our Leaps & bounds logo on.
Price List  polo t-shirt £6.50   3/4 yrs 5/6 yrs  Hoody 3/4yrs 5/6 yrs £10.50  fleece 3/4yrs 5/6 yrs  £12.99
Our opening times are as follows
Early Bird / Drop in 8.30am-9.15 am      Morning session  9.15am- 12.15   Afternoon session   12.15pm -3.15pm  
Please could you adhere to the session times? A Late pick up fee will be incurred for any child whom is picked up late.
Please could all outstanding bills be paid as soon as possible.
Please keep us up to date with change of addresses, new phone numbers, email addresses and any health information we need to know.
 Due to safeguarding reasons we ask you do not use your mobile phone in preschool rooms. 

Autumn Term


All about me

Season – Autumn

Personal social Emotional Development

We are going to be looking at our likes and dislikes through circle time activities which will help to build confidence when talking to others. We will also be building turn taking, sharing and how to play in a group situation.

Communication, Language Development

We will be developing our listening skills through small group activities and looking at our favourite books. We will be retelling past events whilst talking about things we have done over the summer.

Physical Development

We will be looking at how we can move in different ways and learning about the effect of exercise on our bodies. We will be building fine motor skills using finger gym activities and ‘dough discos’. We will be building on self help skills such as putting on own coat and shoes and washing their own hands. We will be learning how to keeps ourselves safe especially around bonfire night.


We will be talking to the children about how we handle books carefully. The children will have the opportunity to take part in phonics sessions learning about letter sounds, rhyming sounds and sounds we hear in the environment.


We will be doing lots of counting and sorting activities. We will be learning the names of 2d shapes through building and creative activities.

Understanding the world

We will be talking about what makes us special and learning that we have similarities and differences to others. We will be using the computer and Ipad to build ICT skills and other technological toys such as remote control cars.

Expressive arts and design

We will be painting self portraits and making pictures using lots of different resources and materials. We will be using instruments to make different sounds.

Special days

Halloween party Friday 28th October    6.30pm-8.30pm Ellel Village Hall

Bonfire night Saturday 5th November 6pm Ellel Village Hall


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